The COPHE Library Network (LN) adds value to participating members.

The COPHE Library Network (LN) adds value to participating members through:

  • Consortia Deals, using economies of scale
  • Continuing Professional Development mainly via seminars
  • Networking and opportunities to share best practice.

COPHE Library Consortia Offer

COPHE member institutions are welcome to become a part of COPHE’s Library Network. Network members select from the following list of subscription options.

The subscription is implemented with COPHE as the lead subscriber with COPHE member libraries bound by the master licence agreement. This means excellent value for those who choose to be involved. Costs calculated take into account the breadth of disciplines and EFSL count for the prior year. Subscriptions run by calendar year.

Trials are available from the vendors for all products.

1. Informit Collections

The Informit Collections connect the wider research community to valuable research and scholarly information not readily available elsewhere through online databases.

Informit A+ Education provides over 30 years of globally relevant education research designed for the teaching and research professional.

Informit AGIS Plus Text is developed in partnership with the Attorney-General’s Information Service Australia and is an authoritative collection of legal resources developed for the legal profession and for the study of Commonwealth-based law.

Informit Australian Public Affairs Full Text brings together over 560 journals covering Australia’s political, economic and social affairs.

Informit Business Collection is an essential resource for business studies, covering theoretical and practical aspects of business in multiple contexts. The Collection contains content to assist students, researchers and business practitioners better understand today’s dynamic, global business environment.

Informit Engineering Collection is an ever expanding resource covering all types of engineering—chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical. The database offers an extensive variety of resources including scholarly journals, trade publications, reports and conference proceedings.

Informit Families & Society Collection provides up-to-date research on family wellbeing and the place of families in society. The database features evidence-based information and resources for lecturers, students, researchers and professionals, in the child, family and community welfare sectors.

Informit Health Collection is a multi-disciplinary information resource for students, teachers and researchers engaged in nursing and allied health education, training and research.

Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection is Informit’s core academic research collection. This multi-disciplinary Collection provides access to fresh perspectives in the arts, communication, education, history, linguistics, politics and more.

Informit Indigenous Collection covers both topical and historical issues within Indigenous studies.

Informit Literature & Culture Collection provides access to a range of publications covering Australia’s literary and cultural heritage.

Informit New Zealand Collection is a multi-disciplinary database that gathers a wide range of content about and of interest to New Zealand students, teachers and researchers.

Informit Media

Informit EduTV and Informit TVNews make it easy for educators and students to find and watch relevant television content instantly. Informit’s Media products are essential resources for teaching and learning and allow institutions to derive maximum benefit from their Screenrights licence.

Informit EduTV includes over 27,000 programs including documentaries, drama and series from both free to air and pay TV.

Informit TVNews is a unique award-winning database that empowers students, lecturers and researchers to browse, search and retrieve news and related current affairs stories broadcast by free-to-air networks.

For more information about Informit options, download the brochure that meets your needs from their website.

2. Gale Cengage Learning Offer

Academic OneFile is a comprehensive, subscription-based database of peer-reviewed, full-text journals and reference sources. It currently contains  14,000 indexed journals offering extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and others. This easy-to-use database is the perfect fit for your academic library, providing both academics and students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with the ultimate periodical resource for serious, extensive research.

Academic OneFile is a 2009 and 2008 CODiE Award Finalist for Best Online General Reference Service. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full text, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly.

Academic OneFile includes:

  • More than 14,000 titles, including more than 9,000 peer-reviewed journals and more than 6,000 in full text
  • Full text of The New York Times from 1985 to present
  • Links with JSTOR for archival access to periodicals and Open URL compliances for access to e-journal and subscription materials
  • Thousands of podcasts and transcripts from NPR, CNN and CBC
  • Links to medical videos
  • Strong coverage of hard sciences, medicine, engineering and business
  • Full collection of Elsevier abstracts for every Elsevier journal from 1996 to present
  • Full text of the London Times and Financial Times
  • Full text for periodicals covered in major bibliographic resources such as CINAHL, BIOSIS, MLS, PsycInfo, ERIC, EconLit, RILM and others
  • Key, peer-reviewed journals published in Spanish, French and other languages n Ability to translate all content to 11 different languages
  • 24/7 access
  • Access to a range of additional collections created to fill subject-specific curricular needs

Gale PowerPacks

Providing your students with databases centred around their chosen curriculum ensures they go to the right databases for the right information quickly.

As part of the subscription to Academic OneFile we are offering libraries the Gale PowerPack. The PowerPack includes numerous subject-specific collections of periodical content that appear as individual products on your site’s common menu. In addition to periodicals, a number of these databases include unique high-quality reference content published by Gale and other respected reference publishers not found in Academic OneFile.

For more information, see the Gale Academic OneFile brochure.

 3. Oxford Reference Offer

Oxford Reference offers fast access to Oxford’s quality reference publishing, bringing together over 2 million entries, many of which are illustrated, into a single cross-searchable resource.  It provides quality, up-to-date reference content at the click of a button. Made up of two main collections, both fully integrated and cross-searchable, Oxford Reference couples Oxford’s trusted A-Z reference material with an intuitive design to deliver a discoverable, up-to-date, and expanding reference resource.

Oxford Quick Reference

Quickly check a fact, or find out key information about a concept, person, or term

  • A collection of over 125 core academic subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully vetted quick results that users can trust
  • Monthly updating programme to maintain currency of content
  • Full content releases 3 times a year with new titles and updated editions

Oxford Reference Library

Research a term, concept, or person in-depth with articles and essays

  • Pick and mix from over 180 in-depth and specialist titles from Oxford’s award-winning Encyclopedias and Companions, and a critical selection of partner publishers’ specialist scholarly works
  • Delve deeper into a subject, furthering your research needs
  • New titles added and available for purchase throughout the year

Key Features

• Online access to a wide range of Oxford’s quality, authoritative reference publishing

• Give context and vocabulary to your search journey with over 300,000 free overview pages, 275 free Timelines, a free online-only Quotations title, and featured topical entries

• Over 16,000 illustrations, including photographs, line diagrams, maps, and tables

• Monthly content updates, exclusive online-only titles, and new major reference titles added throughout the year

• All Oxford Reference entries are now discoverable in open web searches helping users find content more easily.

Oxford University Press also produces a wide range of material to help subscribers maximise the value of their online resources. For training materials, product demonstrations and tools to increase discoverability and usage see

 For more information see the Oxford Reference brochure.

4.    Sage Research Methods (SRM) 

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an online collection of books and other full-text materials (handbooks, the entire ‘Little Green Book”, and “Little Blue Book” series, encyclopaedias, selection of journal articles and commission videos) that provide authoritative information on how to perform hundreds of research methods.

SRM offers great coverage on all steps of the research process, such as writing a research question, conducting a literature review and writing up the findings. Short introductions and lengthy explorations of hundreds of research methods used in the social sciences are also available.

All of the content on SRM is designed to instruct readers new to a method or a concept in how to employ that method or concept themselves in their own research.

SAGE’s online tool for researchers has won the 2011 Magnum Opus Gold Award for Best Navigation, the 2011 Apex Award for “One-of-a-Kind” Electronic and Web Publication and was Highly recommended for libraries by CHOICE.

The SAGE Research Methods also includes additional components:

SAGE Research Methods Cases:

–       is a collection of 400+ original case studies and provides real research projects and research scenarios written by the researchers themselves. It is especially commissioned and designed to help students understand abstract methodological concepts. Cases is suitable for undergraduate and masters level courses in core social science disciplines.

SAGE Research Methods Datasets:

–       provides 100+ sample datasets that students can use to practice doing data analysis and that teachers can use in a research methods course to demonstrate various analytical techniques.

The quantitative datasets are drawn from large surveys, experiments, or federal data sources, and have been cleaned and reduced in complexity to make them suitable for use with students. The quantitative datasets come with a step-by-step guide showing how to perform a statistical technique using the data in SPSS, the leading statistical software package in the social sciences.

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For trials and sales queries, contact Tina Argyros, Library/Consortia Sales Manager, ANZ. T :     +61 3 9667 0250 M:    +61 (0) 428 026 046 Email: .

5.    JSTOR Journals and Books

The COPHE Library Consortium offers participating member institutions access to the JSTOR Arts & Sciences I through XV collections, and the Life Sciences collection. This set of archival journals collections feature the back issues of more than 2,100 scholarly journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, and spans 50+ disciplines.

All issues, from volume 1, issue 1, are provided for every journal, including all previous and related titles. Millions of pages of content is added to the collections annually, which means that the cost per page for the JSTOR archival journal collections decreases every year.

At present, this set of archival journal collections now total more than 10.2 million articles, representing 63.8 million pages and 15,600 linear feet of shelf space savings. In 2017 alone, JSTOR added 350,700 articles, representing 1.5 million pages and 390 linear feet of shelf space savings.

Multi-disciplinary collections (including Arts & Sciences I-XV and Life Sciences) and title lists can be found at

The discipline-specific collections (i.e. Business IV, Ecology & Botany II, etc.) can be found at

Added in 2018 is Business IV:  The collection expands JSTOR’s business and economics coverage, and features top journals in economics, finance, management & organizational behavior, and labor & employment relations. Publishers span six countries and multiple languages, and all titles are new to JSTOR and do not overlap with existing or future collections on the JSTOR archive.

In addition to the Journal collections, from 2018 Books at JSTOR provides a simple, cost-effective ebook model giving COPHE Subscribers with unlimited access to 27,000+ ebooks at an affordable cost. The Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) model was developed with library input to ensure access to high-quality backlist titles with a total list price of US$3.1 million. There are no additional fees.

You can get free MARC records from OCLC or activate the collection in your discovery service. You’ll automatically receive updates as JSTOR add new titles to the program; we expect the program to grow to about 30,000 titles over the next six months (at no additional cost to libraries).

The DRM-free ebook chapters work just like the journal articles on JSTOR, with unlimited simultaneous use, downloads, and printing, and no need to log in or use special software. The ebooks are also cross-searchable with journals on our integrated platform. This creates an easy and familiar user experience for researchers.

You can download the full EBA title list from  <> the JSTOR website.


To request a trial, please contact Scott Clayton at or contact the vendor directly via the information provided on their brochures and/or websites.