Private Higher Education for a Smarter Australia

Almost 10% of higher education (HE) students are choosing to study at one of Australia’s more than 160 private providers. Just like universities, private HE providers offer degrees and are regulated by TEQSA.DOWNLOAD PDF NOW »

Call for a Single, Equitable Student Loan Scheme

Undergraduate students at private HE providers must pay a 25% administration fee to access FEE-HELP, a student loan system. It is unfair that public university students who access the almost identical HECS system, do not pay any additional loan fees.DOWNLOAD PDF NOW »

Support Should Follow Student Choice

Since 2012, the ‘demand-driven’ funding system means subsidies have followed student choice – but only as far as to any public university. For an equitable and more efficient HE system, support should follow students to any TEQSA accredited HE institution.DOWNLOAD PDF NOW »

Open the Door to University Colleges

Currently 90% of Australian HE student enrolments are in research-intensive public universities. Australia has overlooked the teaching-intensive options successfully driving efficiency and building capacity in other nations.DOWNLOAD PDF NOW »