The Council of Private Higher Education is a peak body for Australia’s quality private higher education providers.

Our members are a key part of Australia’s higher education system – a system respected worldwide for its educational and research outcomes.

With a focus on equity, diversity and choice, COPHE members provide Australian and international students with educational opportunities through courses that reflect student demand and career choices.  Our members provide higher education opportunities in fields including music, design, photography, theology, hospitality, agriculture, taxation, auditing and business administration.

With a diverse membership from small niche providers to larger universities, and with members in all Australian states, COPHE’s strong national advocacy is informed by sector-wide experience.  Our members are active in key academic, regulatory and administrative policy forums and advocate policy change directly with parliamentarians and decision makers.

COPHE supports its members and their students by working closely with the Australian higher education regulator TEQSA.  Students enrolled at COPHE member institutions know that their institution is registered with TEQSA and provides accredited courses.

Our member services include regulatory advice, tuition insurance, international policy advice, benchmarking and library services.  These services enable our members to strive for excellence and provide students with a quality education experience.

COPHE’s membership application process, which requires demonstration of commitment to quality, regulatory compliance and ongoing viability, ensures that COPHE members are respected and highly regarded providers in the Australian higher education sector.

With a growing number of students from a diverse range of backgrounds, the non-publicly funded university segment is critical to the success and standing of Australian higher education.  COPHE members are committed to growing the success and reputation of Australian education.

– Simon Finn, CEO.