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Govt QILT Survey Recognises High Levels of Student Satisfaction

For the first time, non-university providers have been included in the results of the recently released 2015 Student Experience Survey, which is the most extensive survey ever conducted in Australia about what students think of the nation’s higher education sector.

The inclusion of 22,707 students from 39 private higher education students is a welcome development. It provides valuable data for quality improvement, especially when it is combined with the graduate outcomes data to be released later this year. The outcomes will give a much more detailed picture of graduate employment to both students and institutions.

COPHE CEO Adrian McComb said the broad results showed the private sector achieves a great deal for its students.

Students at private providers showed higher satisfaction than university students in the area of student support. They also showed slightly higher satisfaction in teaching quality, learner engagement and skills development.

Private providers did lag universities in learning resources. “This most likely reflects the disparity in student support where Higher Education Contribution (HECS) places are not available to students enrolled outside the public universities,” Mr McComb said.

“This report and the extensive data that underpins it can give confidence to Government that equitable support for all students through a single loan scheme and the extension of HECS HELP will drive good outcomes for students and increase diversity of institution type,” Mr McComb said.

He further noted that private institutions had successfully managed FEE HELP since the introduction in the Higher Education Support Act 2003 with steady sustainable growth over the ensuing decade.

The number of students in the private sector continues to increase. In 2013 such providers enrolled the equivalent of at least 54,000 full-time equivalent students, which was a big increase on the slightly less than 15,000 full-time equivalent students in 1999. (Grattan Mapping Australian Higher Education 2014-15. p 11)

This year, more than 145,000 students took part in the Student Experience Survey which establishes performance benchmarks for higher education providers. About 80 per cent of all higher education students in Australia were satisfied with their overall study experience. The 2015 Student Experience Survey National Report can be downloaded here.  (

The University Experience Survey was renamed the Student Experience Survey (SES) in 2015 to facilitate the inclusion of students from non-university higher education institutions. The survey results are made accessible on The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website which provides prospective students with detailed information about Australian higher education.

Non-university higher education Institutions are in the process of being included. The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, including this website and the SES survey, are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. For more information visit

 Media inquiries: Adrian McComb (02) 8021 0841 or 0417208727 | Email:

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