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Congratulations Avondale - First to Reach Self-Accreditation Milestone

COPHE member Avondale College of Higher Education has become the first Australian non-university higher education provider to be granted full self-accrediting authority by TEQSA.

Acting Chief Commissioner of TEQSA, Professor Nick Saunders said that this milestone was a good example of regulator and sector working together to ensure quality.

“Self- accrediting authority is not granted lightly. Avondale College went through a rigorous assessment process conducted over several months,” he said. “This is an important step in TEQSA’s work to promote a culture of effective self-assurance by Australian higher education providers.”

COPHE CEO Adrian McComb welcomed the granting of Self-Accrediting Authority to Avondale College. He said that with the Australian College of Theology and Moore Theological College, it brought to three the number of COPHE members so authorised.

“We will see an increasing number of our colleagues given self-accrediting authority although I do not see it being the norm, especially where an institution has a small number of courses. It is a matter of the business case for building the capacity of an institution.”

President Professor Ray Roennfeldt describes the granting of self-accrediting authority as a “new era for Avondale.”

“While self-accrediting authority does not provide university status, it does require that the institution’s internal processes are at least as robust and rigorous as that of a university. So, in this regard, it is a large step towards the fulfilment of Avondale’s vision to be an Australian Christian university,” he said. He said he was grateful to all members of Avondale’s staff, particularly vice-president (quality and strategy) Professor Jane Fernandez who “capably managed the application process.”

“Our staff make Avondale what it is; a provider of quality higher education that motivates people to serve humankind,” Professor Roennfeldt said.

Set up by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1897, the not-for-profit Avondale college now offers degrees in arts, education, business and theology. It also trains nurses in courses linked to the private Sydney Adventist Hospital. Avondale also offers research masters and doctoral degrees (PhD) in a range of disciplines as well as vocational education in Outdoor Recreation.

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