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Budget 2016 – COPHE Response

The Higher Education budget release, in a rather new twist, turned out to essentially be the release of a policy discussion paper on the Government’s view of the key issues. Responses are due by 25th July, which means the Government has shrunk higher education as a political target in the election campaign.

Full deregulation of student fees has been ruled out and the introduction of higher education changes were pushed out to 1 January 2018. The Government is still looking for savings although $1.2b was restored by removal of the efficiency dividend on legislated higher education programs and further savings have been achieved with delays in other reforms.

COPHE is keen for input from our Members to formulate a comprehensive response to the policy options outlined in the discussion paper. The measures affecting our constituency are the same as the 2014 budget.

With the release of QILT, which has received extra funding in the budget and will soon include private providers for the first time, our engagement with processes and our consistent call for more  equity, choice and diversity, I remain optimistic that we will see an outcome that recognises the contribution of our Members in higher education.

-        Adrian McComb, CEO COPHE

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